Managed Document Services (MDS)

Managed Document Services (MDS) optimizes the entire document output process from Capturing to Archiving, Workflows to Security and Environmental Impact. This means customized and optimal solutions for every action.

MFI’s unique holistic approach makes the process of MDS a vital strategy for every company that wants to look at its entire potential for cost reduction, efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions. MDS focuses on more than just your output, but rather the entire document output process. This all-round approach is what sets MDS apart and delivers both increased productivity and reduced costs.

“Print costs can be as much as 3% of revenue but you can save up to 30% of these costs with effectively managed print services.“ Source: Gartner

Our 5 Step Approach

How it works: Customized to the size and unique requirements of your business, our process starts by identifying weak spots in your current infrastructure before seamlessly implementing solutions to cut costs and improve ongoing performance.

Test your Document Efficiency